Diet Prison

We are always on the hunt for that golden ticket to a leaner, healthier physique.  Do we find it in the vast array of “diets” that have flooded the media?  Do we find it in something that our parents have taught us?  Or do we find it in a flexible strategy that allows us to be free of what my coach calls diet prison.

I have been a prisoner of many fad diets over the years resulting in my weight to drop and then creep right back up again.  I have tried them all, and followed them all very religiously.  Restricting calories, reducing carbs, increasing fats, and eating nothing but chicken and asparagus.  These diets, or ways of eating only taught me that to be healthy, it would take a lot of sacrifices, some of which led me to be very unhappy.  They did not teach me how to properly achieve the goals I was after and maintain those goals.

What happens to your metabolism when you go through periods of yo-yo dieting?  It decides to slow down dramatically and becomes damaged.  What happens when your metabolism slows down?  Your body holds on to anything you give it, thus actually gaining body fat (or weight as pop culture calls it).  Imagine this happening and not understanding why you can’t seem to get leaner when you are trying all the latest trends out there.

Fast forward several years when I finally realized that fad diets were not going to help me achieve the goals I was after, I discovered flexible dieting where I could eat a variety of foods and still have success in losing body fat and getting the lean physique I had always dreamed of.  It took a long while, but learning about what the body needs in the way of nutrients went a long way to saving me from the diet prison I had been in for several years.

I now fully understand what it means to eat flexibly, incorporating the macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and fats) that our bodies require.  I’ve become an expert at this strategy which has helped me be free of my diet prison.

Stay tuned for more as I share my journey of going from being a prisoner of fad diets to gaining control of my life and my nutrition in a flexible way to achieve the results I was looking for.  I hope you learn as much from my journey as I did!


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