Eating Organic on a Budget

It’s so expensive to eat healthy.  Packaged and processed foods are so much more affordable and easy.  Have you said this to yourself or others?  I have to say I used to say the same thing.  While it is more costly to buy organic, it is even more costly when you are suffering from several health issues.

I love to look at flyers!  I am by no means a coupon queen but I do seek out the best deals when it comes to the food I buy.  So when I’m heading to the supermarket, I am already armed with where to buy the items on my grocery list for the best price.  Granted, if you live in the larger cities, this might not be a viable or even cost effective option however, I’m going to share with you my tips on how to buy organic and eat healthy on a budget.

Meat!  There are a couple ways I save when buying antibiotic and hormone free meat.  Buying in bulk actually costs less.  Supermarkets often have specials where you save even more when you buy more than one.  Invest in a good deep freezer if you don’t already have one.  The other option that I have explored is to purchase the actual animal for raising.  Just this past year, my family and I decided (because we all love beef so much) that we would share the cost of buying our own cow.  We were responsible for providing the feed (which was all grain or grass) and we were also responsible for paying the butcher to do his work.  This was by far the best way to get the best meat for a great price!  When you share the cost, it actually is cheaper than buying your meat weekly.  You can do this with any animal, as long as there is someone in the area that provides this service.  In my research I have found that there is a farmer in every town!

Grow your own garden!  Now I am not a green thumb by any means but the wonderful thing about packets of seeds for vegetables is that they have the instructions right on the packet!  These are pretty fail safe!  And you don’t need a big greenhouse or outdoor garden to do this.  I have used laundry totes, window boxes and even empty Greek yogurt containers to start my plants and grow anything from peppers to romaine lettuce!  As long as you can create the environment the vegetables need, it can be done!  Now before you say, “well I live in a condo and I have no space to do this,” I will tell you that I have seen it happen!  I have a couple of friends who both live in small condos or apartments, either with a large balcony, a small balcony or no balcony at all and they have grown their own vegetable garden with much success!  And the trick is to grow enough of it so you can freeze some for later!  You will always know what you put into your own soil and there would be no need to spray with pesticides!

Depending on what climate you live in, you can also grow your own fruit.  Strawberries grow like wildfire if cared for properly.  As do raspberries.  I’ve also had a plum tree in my back yard and I live in Sault Ste. Marie, a small little northern Ontario town!  We don’t have the absolute best weather for growing a large variety of fruit, but we can certainly get some.  And with the others, check out your local farmer’s market.  Failing that, buy on sale at the supermarket.

Finally, filtered water does not just come out of the tap for most, if not all of us.  Rather than buying cases upon cases of filtered water, invest in a filter that you attach to your tap.  Chances are you will be saving tons more money in the long run with this option.  Not to mention, we will also be helping to save our already damaged planet.  That seems pretty simple right?

How much will you save?


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