Let’s Chat About Exercise for a Minute

Overtraining is a common phenomenon in the world of health and fitness. People believe that more is better which will lead them to their goals of fat loss and a lean physique. This could not be further from the truth. Take for example when doing excessive cardio; overtraining aerobically causes the parasympathetic system to slow down which causes bodily function to slow down thereby conserving energy. Your metabolism is one of these bodily functions that slow down. When your body conserves energy, it stores anything that you give it as far as fuel, this includes fat. This is why doing excessive cardio (aerobic exercise) works the complete opposite of one’s intentions. Be on the lookout for early onset of fatigue, increased resting heart rate, decreased heart rate recovery after exercise and an increase in resting blood pressure. These certainly don’t sound like health benefits do they? So why would anyone want to do excessive cardio? Ask yourself, if you’re doing more than 30 minutes of cardio 3 times per week, why are you? Is it getting you closer to your goals or are you left scratching your head wondering why the fat loss isn’t budging? 

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