What to Expect from a Coach

So many people have started and stopped a diet, nutrition plan or training plan numerous times.  It could be for a number of reasons; because they got bored of the food they were eating, because they missed the food that they “couldn’t” eat, because they felt it was just too difficult to go it alone or because they didn’t really have the proper guidance.  All of these are very valid reasons.

If we are talking about food, it definitely has quite a unique place in the world.  Food has properties and features that set it apart from any other area of our lives.  Obviously, no one can live without food and quite honestly our quality of life is absolutely dependent upon it.  Not only does food provide the essential nutrients that our bodies require physically to carry out all of life’s processes, but it actually also nourishes us on a psychological and emotional level.  Make no mistake, food is a vital
part of our lives physically, psychologically, and emotionally.  Can you really
think of anything else in your world that you are as dependent upon as food?  Well yes of course, there’s oxygen and obviously water, which are even more vital in
terms of how long we could survive without them.  But even oxygen and water do not hold the emotional and social power of food.

Navigating the ever changing information on nutrition and training can be very overwhelming for most.  That’s why there are coaches (nutrition and training coaches, health coaches, life coaches) out there to help you find your way through the vast maze of theories, diets, supplements and exercises.

A coach is there to help you identify personal health related goals, develop strategies, and action plans intended to achieve those goals.  A coach provides a place for you to be held accountable to yourselves by monitoring your progress towards implementation
of your action plans.  Together, you and your coach evolve and modify the plan to
best suit your needs and environmental.  Hiring a coach could be the single best investment you could make in your health, quality of life and ultimate happiness.

Did you know?

  • in 1980, less than 50% of North Americans were overweight; today that number is more than 68% and growing!
  • 80% of preventable disease risk factors are influenced by behaviors like smoking, overeating, poor diet, and lack of exercise
  • 1 in 4 North American 4-year-olds is considered to be obese (this makes me very sad)
  • by 2025 it is estimated that nearly half of all North Americans will have a chronic disease

(These statistics are taken from the World Health Organization)

These statistics are astonishing to me not only as an average citizen but as a Nutrition and Training Coach who wants to see people healthy

and happy.  There are so many risks, illnesses, and chronic conditions that can be avoided if people were taught the best way to care for their bodies.

So what’s stopping you from getting in touch with a coach to start your path to a healthier, happier lifestyle?  Please contact me to help you become the healthiest version of you!

Yours in health,



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