What’s Stopping You?

In one sentence, what’s stopping you from reaching your health, fitness and body goals?  This can be a very difficult question to answer, let alone in one sentence.  So think about it……what’s stopping you???

I know if you asked me that several years ago, I would have said I want to be able to be social with my family and friends and indulge in whatever it was that was a part of those social engagements.  I did not want to be considered an outsider if I didn’t partake in those social gatherings.  I wanted to be able to eat the food that was being served or go to the restaurant that everyone else was going to.

Funny enough, it was never about the food!  It was about being accepted, having a large social circle and being as popular as everyone else.  Wow, even now as I write this, I still cannot believe that I led myself down that path for so many years.  Why did I think that by attending these events, eating the food, drinking the alcohol, was going to make me part of the “in” crowd?

Why did it mean that I wouldn’t be popular or accepted if I didn’t attend every single social event?  Or go out drinking with friends?  Or go out to every new restaurant that hit the town?  Those were my own perceptions and thoughts about society and what was “normal.”  What was the alternative for me?  Being at home alone and being afraid that I was never going to be accepted into any social circle.  So I sabotaged my own health and my own fitness goals because I had the misconception that I wasn’t good enough if I didn’t do all those things.

Sadly, it took me several years to re-frame my thoughts and to realize that I can have goals, I can reach for those goals and still be able to “have a life” that I really wanted.  Exercise was never a problem for me, I’ve been in the fitness industry for 15 years and my experience spans from teaching group fitness classes, one on one coaching and creating circuit training for individuals looking to elevate their conditioning.  Not once did I give thought to what I was feeding my body.

With the help of a fantastic coach (Coach JVB) I learned what it meant to feed my body fuel that would help it function at it’s most optimal level.  I also learned that that fuel didn’t have to be chicken breast and asparagus for ever and a day!  Food flexibility and food choices flooded my brain and I almost didn’t know what to do with that information.  Coming from several years of thinking certain foods were bad and certain foods were good, my world was shattered when I learned I could eat whole, healthful foods along with things like Rice Krispies and S’mores pop tarts and still lose body fat, gain lean muscle and be completely satisfied!

Fitting every day food into one of the macronutrients that your body requires is as easy as 1-2-3.  Of course at first I didn’t think so, but over the last couple years, I’ve really developed an expertise in that area and that means I am finally living the life I love!  I have achieved many goals along the way, (with more to come!) and I’ve been able to enjoy social events and still be a part of a social circle that I care very much about.  Food flexibility literally saved my life.

If you want to learn more about food flexibility send me a message and check out my Facebook page www.facebook.com/crushnutritionandtraining

Happy eating!


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