Who’s Ready for Summer?

Looking for ways to navigate all the summer BBQ’s and parties? 

I’m sure I speak for many of us (at least those of us in Ontario) when I say “bring on summer!”  I think we’ve had just about enough of the winter weather and are getting excited about what the summer will bring.  I know I am!  I love everything about summer; the sun, the hot weather, the beach, the family BBQ’s and all the other social gatherings that are sure to come with the warmer months.  I know many of us might get a bit anxious about the food that we will consume at all these social gatherings especially if you’re working towards a goal.  The seasons and life does not stop because we are working towards something.  So rather than fight it, why not embrace it?  Here is one fresh summer recipe that you can bring to any family BBQ or social gathering and not feel guilty about eating it.  You will be the hit of the party!

Quinoa Salad

Summer Fresh Quinoa Salad


1-2 cups of uncooked quinoa (depending on big the party is)

1 can of black beans

1 small zucchini

2 cups of baby kale

1 bell pepper in each colour (red, yellow, orange)

1 can of corn niblets

2 tbsp. of extra virgin olive oil

2 tbsp. of white wine vinegar

1 tbsp. of Dijon mustard

Salt and pepper to taste


Cook quinoa according to package.  Allow to cool completely (usually about 1 hour) in a large glass bowl.  Drain and thoroughly rinse black beans and add them in.  Using a mandolin or a steady hand and a sharp knife, thinly slice the small zucchini and toss it in the bowl.  Wash and finely chop the baby kale.  Add to the mixture in the bowl.  Remove the seeds from each pepper and chop into small chunks.  Toss the chopped peppers into the bowl.  Drain and thoroughly rinse the corn and add it to the bowl.  Toss all ingredients together in bowl and add the liquid ingredients and salt and pepper, stirring thoroughly.  You can always add more of any of the liquid ingredients as per your taste buds.  And voila!  Great way to get a healthy meal that looks bright and fresh and tastes amazing!  See below for the macros for the whole salad (using 1 cup of uncooked quinoa).

1261 calories, 211g carbs, 58g protein, 23g fats

This salad makes 8 servings, serving size is 1 cup so the macros for one serving is below:

158 calories, 26g carbs, 7g protein, 2.8g fats

If you’re looking for more fun recipes for summer or for any other time of the year, check out my website www.crushnutritionandtraining.com

Happy cooking!


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